19 aprile 2013

Come installare Chrome in un diverso disco

1 Download Chrome from Google's website (see Resource 1) and click "Next" through the automatic installation process. During the installation, Chrome will download to your default hard drive. This is usually the "C" drive.2 Click on the Windows "Start" button, and click "Computer."3 Click on "Users" and your user name.4 Click "AppData," "Local" and "Google."5 Right-click on the "Chrome" folder and select "Cut."6 Return to the Computer window, and click on the drive where you want to install Chrome.7 Right-click in an empty space on the screen and select "Paste." Chrome's files are removed from the original location and placed on the new drive.8 Download free junction software from the Microsoft Tech Net website (see Resource 2). Google Chrome is designed to run from a specific location on your computer, but a junction program lets you redirect the software to a new location without any errors.9 Right-click on the "junction.zip" file, and select "Extract All."10 Right-click on the extracted "junction.exe" file and select Cut.11 Return to the Computer window and click on the "C" drive.12 Click on "Windows" and "system32."13 Right-click in the folder and select "paste."14 Click on the Start button.15 Enter "cmd.exe" into the "Search programs and files" field at the bottom of the Start menu.16 Double-click on the "cmd.exe" to open up a DOS prompt.17 Type the following into the command prompt, including the quotes and substituting your user name and the new Google chrome drive location in the parenthetical fields: junction.exe "C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome" "(the new location of Google Chrome)"

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